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Friday - Jul. 10, 2020
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Sentinel: Taxpayers will help pay for Orlando volleyball tournament amid pandemic

Herald: New legal battle over Joe Carollo recall effort: Commissioner sues to stop petition

Herald: Florida counties get $138 million federal boost for public health workers

Sentinel: State attorney candidate Monique Worrell gets boost from Kamala Harris, John Legend — and Aramis Ayala

TB Times: Is there a rift between Ron DeSantis and Team Trump? New report suggests yes.

Sentinel: U.S. Supreme Court asked to allow former felons to vote, despite fines and fees, while case continues

Herald: DeSantis says 'schools are essential' as South Florida districts consider defying state order

Sentinel: Interview: Republican primary candidates for District 44 state House

TB Times: Gov. Ron DeSantis doubles down on schools reopening full time in August

TB Times: Mail ballots headed to homes across Florida for August primary

Sentinel: Florida Democrats return $780,000 in PPP loans after criticism from party members and GOP

Sentinel: After Russia reports, Murphy wants Congress notified if foreign governments target U.S. troops

Sentinel: #OSNow PODCAST: Florida coronavirus death toll passes 4,000, Orange deputies feelings over Sheriff Mina, voting by mail, and Orlando City's win (Ep. 452)

TB Times: Here are the eyebrow-raising Paycheck Protection Program loans in Florida

Herald: 'They made a mistake.' Florida Democratic Party will return PPP loan, blames SBA

TB Times: Florida had 74 hepatitis A cases in June

Sentinel: Lawsuit filed targeting Republican National Convention in Jacksonville: report

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