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Friday - Jun. 19, 2020
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Sentinel: President Trump's GOP convention in Jacksonville carries big risks amid coronavirus and protests

Herald: Why some Floridians want to rename Broward County, Plantation and Lee County

Herald: Miami Springs special election set for Aug. 18

Sentinel: DeSantis signs bill reforming guardianship system inspired by Fierle case

TB Times: Florida elder care workers push for more financial support in COVID-19 fight

TB Times: Florida's corrections chief gets heat for Black History comments

Sentinel: Supreme Court's DACA ruling brings relief, celebration to Central Florida dreamers

TB Times: Court ruling inspires local 'dreamers' to redouble their immigrant advocacy

TB Times: Les Miller backs Tom Scott for commission seat

TB Times: For the Tom Lee seat: It's Danny Burgess vs. Kathy Lewis

Sentinel: Gov. Ron DeSantis: Ex-felons voting despite fines, fees would 'corrupt' elections, asks for stay of ruling

TB Times: Update: The FDOT lawyer who admitted forging signatures on official documents has quit

Herald: Rubio introduces bill to compensate NCAA athletes for name, image and likeness

Sentinel: Despite new law to require paid sick-time for workers, many companies aren't bound by it

TB Times: Marco Rubio introduces name, image and likeness bill bill to push NCAA changes

Sentinel: Joe Biden begins Florida advertising campaign, with South Florida focus on Hispanic and African American voters

Sentinel: #OSNow PODCAST: DeSantis' alarming airport comment, plan to rework Florida budget could violate constitution, and Universal's new Jason Bourne show (Ep. 438)

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