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Friday - Oct. 4, 2019
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Sentinel: Supporters have high hopes for recreational marijuana in Florida as petition drive kicks off

TB Times: Their fellow students struggle with English, so they wrote a bill

Herald: Miami Beach commission candidate was nearly broke — then loaned his campaign $135,000

TB Times: How to watch the funeral for former House Speaker Donald Tucker

TB Times: Will Florida lawmakers finally pass an anti-LGBTQ discrimination bill next year?

Herald: Will Florida legislators pass a bill in 2020 prohibiting LGBTQ discrimination?

Sentinel: In Florida, Nancy Pelosi says Trump 'has confessed' to violating his oath of office

TB Times: In Florida, Trump scorns impeachment talk, bashes 'socialist' Medicare for All

TB Times: Politician, public servant join candidates competing in Hillsborough's 2020 elections

TB Times: Anti-Trump protesters, 'Proud Boys' trade shoves outside Florida presidential visit

TB Times: 'Protecting Medicare from socialist destruction': Trump event undergoes name change

Sentinel: In The Villages, Trump signs Medicare order amid jabs at political opponents

TB Times: Live updates: Trump at The Villages

Herald: Under impeachment cloud, Trump finds solace in Florida's Republican retiree haven

TB Times: Florida Board of Education to revisit teacher bonuses for 'content experts'

TB Times: PolitiFact Florida: Democrats mislead about Trump's Medicare budget ahead of Villages visit

Sentinel: Universal Orlando's new road deal with Orange County is lopsided, critics say

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