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Friday - Aug. 30, 2019
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TB Times: New Florida laws coming Wednesday, including driving while texting enforcement

Sentinel: Newly elected Bakari Burns says he'll bring service mindset to the Orlando City Council

Sentinel: Police, Highway Patrol to begin pulling over and ticketing drivers for texting and driving in Florida

Sentinel: Push is on to legalize sports betting in Florida in 2020

TB Times: Ron DeSantis to pick from 31 candidates for Florida Supreme Court

Sentinel: Lindsay Hall Harrison, 'cheerleader' for city, wins Maitland council seat

TB Times: PolitiFact: What is the pay gap between men and women?

Herald: A law that penalizes local officials who OK tougher gun laws is just wrong, suit says

Herald: Desantis has been reshaping Florida's Supreme Court. Now he has 32 more candidates

Sentinel: After holiday message delivered to military from Mar-a-Lago, Trump lashes out as impeachment trial stuck in limbo

Sentinel: Rudy Giuliani says Aramis Ayala backer George Soros helped elect 'anarchist' prosecutors

Sentinel: Cities, counties fight back at Florida's attempt to punish local leaders who try to regulate guns

Sentinel: Retiring GOP operative Mac Stipanovich says Trump 'sensed the rot' in Republican party and took control of it

TB Times: Giuliani's Florida pals used GOP ties for Ukraine gas deal

TB Times: Saint Leo poll finds support for raising Florida's minimum wage

Sentinel: Lawsuit over high school pregame prayer draws in Corcoran

Herald: Miami mayor tries to block investigation into city manager accused of abusing power

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