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Saturday - Aug. 10, 2019
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TB Times: Florida governor asks state's highest court to rule on felon voting

Sentinel: DeSantis strips Scott Maddox of his Tallahassee commission seat

Sentinel: Find out which Floridians have given big money to presidential candidates you support — or hate

Sentinel: Amendment 4: DeSantis asks state Supreme Court to clarify when ex-felons can vote

TB Times: Florida Board of Education chairman takes beating over past comments on evolution

TB Times: Move Florida's capital? Lawmaker proposes alternative to Tallahassee

Sentinel: Red-flag gun law, long supported by Florida lawmakers, attracts support after El Paso and Dayton shootings

TB Times: Florida's new resilience officer doesn't shy away from saying 'climate change'

TB Times: Not cruel and unusual? A closer look at Florida's refusal to treat all inmates diagnosed with hepatitis C

Sentinel: Florida campus carry gun bill is back for 2020 session

TB Times: 'This whole country is in danger by white supremacy': Bernie, Booker and Buttigieg come to Miami

TB Times: What do Florida lawmakers plan to do about gun violence this time?

TB Times: Florida elections officials puzzle over report their systems were left online

Sentinel: Florida counties' elections systems were connected to the internet, report says

Sentinel: Buddy Dyer among 200 mayors urging Senate action on 'bipartisan gun safety legislation'

Sentinel: Rebecca Fierle investigation: Former Orlando police homicide detective joins probe of embattled guardian

TB Times: Florida Republican Party to hold voter registration at gun show one week after mass shootings

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