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Wednesday - Apr. 28, 2010

Plusicon1 Politico: Dismissing 2012, Jeb Bush still carries political torch for Bushes

Plusicon1 AP: Crist tours Gulf's oil spill site

Plusicon1 Herald: Crist rethinks support of offshore drilling

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Gulf oil spill could threaten South Florida

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Gulf of Mexico oil spill a threat to Florida

Plusicon1 Democrat: Crist tours oil spill threatening coast

Plusicon1 Herald Tribune: Oil spill poses real risks for Florida

Plusicon1 Today: Experts: Spill could affect Space Coast

Plusicon1 DBNJ: Rig tragedy drills to heart of Florida debate

Plusicon1 News-Press: Spill from oil rig possible root of Southwest Florida air complaints

Plusicon1 Times: Red light cameras win legislative approval, with road rage, texting still in the mix

Plusicon1 Post: Red-light camera bill on its way to governor; opponents vow to continue fight in court

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Florida Senate gives green light to red-light cameras

Plusicon1 AP: Senate approves red-light cameras

Plusicon1 Tribune: Red-light camera bill waits for Crist approval

Plusicon1 Democrat: Red-light camera bill goes to Crist 

Plusicon1 DBNJ: Red light camera bill awaits Crist's signature

Plusicon1 Times: Tens of millions of pork in state budget

Plusicon1 Times-Union: Legislature wonders what Crist will do with budget

Plusicon1 Sun: Fla. budget deal avoids tax hikes, major cuts

Plusicon1 Post: Budget includes $21.2 million for libraries, thanks to 'Library Guy'

Plusicon1 Times: Lawmakers assembling a bundle of tax breaks and cash incentives to promote jobs

Plusicon1 Post: 'Jobs bill' promises $218.5 million in business tax credits, but no estimate on jobs

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Florida House advances $49.8 million ‘jobs’ package

Plusicon1 Democrat: Collier County project big part of $70M jobs bill 

Plusicon1 Sun: Florida consumers more confident

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